Expert influence

Turn your leaders into Rock Stars & Information Czars
In the era where conversation is king, experts who can influence the tone, content and direction of the conversation become industry leaders.

There has never been a better time to build your company’s presence through online experts and thought leadership programs. Look no further than Scott Monty at Ford to see the impact of thought leadership on a major brand.

Huge advertising campaigns are out. Companies are finally realizing that other communications methodologies, such as social media, are in. Why? Because they work. They’re effective.

“A thought leader is someone who receives the recognition from the outside world that his/her company deeply understands its business, the needs of its customers, and the broader marketplace in which it operates.” ~ Elise Bauer

Corporate “celebrities” are today’s modern storytellers; however, to be a credible expert, authenticity and transparency are critical. A superfluous fraud will be called out and instantly destroyed.

Thought Leadership Program Overview

A well-developed thought leadership program will leverage the deep industry knowledge of subject matter experts across a variety of communications spectrums by focusing on targeted industry visibility, media and speaking opportunities. As a result, awareness will increase among key stakeholder groups, strengthening your position in the marketplace and increasing lead-generation.

This program will bring added attention and respect to your company by promoting its reputation, experts and resources. Thought leaders become flagships for your company and are both instrumental and influential in corporate visibility and business expansion. It is imperative, however, that all thought leadership activities connect firmly to your core brand value.

Key points to consider prior to launching your thought leadership program include:

1. Clear definition of the term “thought leadership” as well as depth-breadth of program
2. The program’s priority within the organization (will it be considered a key part of ongoing marketing and business development strategy?)
3. Leaders must continually strive to evolve their thinking and stay on the cutting edge

Chief Strategist Pamela Gilchrist has been successfully helping organizations effectively tell their brand story for 25 years. She understands the nuance of how to make information compelling, interesting and newsworthy. She knows what it takes to launch rock star industry leaders. Her team quickly builds the executive presence of subject matter experts, increases their confidence and structures a methodology for a successful ongoing program.