Executive Media Training
How to Meet The Press Without Having a Maalox(R) Moment(TM)


Executive Media Training For A YouTube World


In a YouTube world, are you ready to tell your story?

Executives today must be effective business leaders AND articulate spokespeople.

Are you: comfortable, likable, credible, believable, effective and entertaining?

That’s what it takes to give a terrific interview.

You can become a confident prepared expert spokesperson in a day.

That’s what my training offers.


Learn the secrets of New York City’s top trainers — without traveling to the East Coast.

Our proprietary program will:

  • Teach you how to tell your story in under two-minutes
  • Test your skills one-on-one with a journalist
  • Expose journalist’s secret playbook of gotcha questions
  • Provide a confidential, safe learning environment
  • Offer insider tips about different types of media
  • Improve your confidence and message delivery
  • Increase your power of persuasion
  • Define your sound-bites
  • Provide tips on how to garner book interviews with both new and traditional media

Gilchrist Group’s Executive Media Training (EMT) focuses on experiential learning through the use of video interviews and personal instruction. It prepares leaders for successful video, radio and print interviews.

This training teaches you how to do more than just survive an interview. It gives you confidence in your ability to effectively communicate – verbally and nonverbally. It arms you with the right messages and tools. And, it gives you a greater understanding of the internal workings of the media.

During the past 20 years, our team has traveled across the country teaching more than 100 senior executives how to conduct successful media interviews and improve their communications skills. Its program is unique, challenging, fun and creative, and receives constant praise and high ratings.