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Pamela Gilchrist Corson 
Christian Speaker & Author

The Scottish surname “Gilchrist” dates back to 1132 and literally means “Servant of Christ.” Evidence of a Gilchrist sculptor is even found at Iona on The Saint Martin’s Cross.The cross bears the inscription “A prayer for Gilchrist who made this cross.” Like the early Gilchrist clan, Pam strives to be a Christian servant in her life, her work and her speaking ministry. If you love Christ, you’ll find that service is your calling too!

 You can count on wit, wisdom and a winning attitude when Pamela speaks.
Audiences have described her as “Delightful, gifted and vibrant.”

 Pam connects with audiences through relevant, purpose-driven stories from her life that capture hearts and encourage people. She is a graduate of the Christian Leaders and Speakers Services (CLASS) and Dale Carnegie. She is also a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association (NSA) where she serves on the Ohio Chapter board. As chief strategist at the Gilchrist Group, she works with organizations on business growth, organizational change and high impact communications. 

Pamela was featured in the #1 New York Times Best Selling Series
Chicken Soup for the Soul: “Life Lessons for Women.”

Her contribution, “Ties That Bind,” is her true, personal story about a superwoman trying to do it all to prepare for her wedding – and the intuition of some friends & family who knew she needed help. Today, she is learning to take all the help she can get!

For nearly 20 years, Pam has battled severe Fibromyalgia, a disabling and painful chronic neuro-muscular syndrome affecting more than 10 million Americans. This keeps her humble and relying daily on God’s strength and grace.

A singer/songwriter and jazz pianist, Pam has been on stage since age seven. She’s performed for thousands of people in show choirs, musical theatre and Broadway reviews. She was touched to be part of the 2002 Billy Graham Mass Choir where she witnessed hundreds of lives won for Christ. She enjoys being part of her church’s worship team where she sings and plays piano.


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