The Gilchrist Group™ is a strategic business consulting firm specializing in business growth, executive leadership and high impact communications. The firm has special expertise in guiding organizations through times of growth and change.

Founded in 1999, the international award-winning firm serves clients in a wide-range of industries including: financial services, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, engineering, government and not-for-profit. The Gilchrist Group professional team works with leaders on next level leadership, branding roadmaps, go-to-market-strategies, issues management and marketing/PR including social media integration.

Our team includes MBAs, senior counselors, and leaders who have successfully developed and implemented large-scale projects for clients across the country and right here in our own Southwest Ohio communities. We’ve served as leaders inside Fortune 100s, inside Cincinnati’s most prominent corporations and firms, and inside a number of other organizations. (We’ve been there.)

We listen. We learn. We get things done – with excellence!

Experience and Excellence Delivered

We get results. We thoughtfully and accurately assess. We move with agility and speed. And, we consistently deliver excellence in dynamic real-world environments – which we know include organizational politics, changing objectives, tight timeframes and limited resources. You can count on a nimble team that can adjust on the fly, stay cool under pressure and deliver with excellence.

We are problem solvers. We use our innate curiosity, mental discipline, and resourcefulness combined to form strategies and results — all based on a solid foundation of good common business sense.

We deliver attention-grabbing strategies and brand identities that get results.

When you want impact – choose the Gilchrist Group™. We build businesses. We drive growth through branding, integrated marketing/communications, social media and public relations strategies.

National Speakers Association Professional Member